About Paul Bailey

Photography has been part of my life for around 45 years now. During that time I have freelanced in most areas of photography as well as spending 20 years in photographic retail. In 2001 I took the leap into full time stock imaging with occasional commissions that appealed to me on a more personal level.


The stock photography business has gone through many changes in the past decade but there is still a healthy demand for the right type of pictures so I continue to immerse myself in my own favourite subjects, but not exclusively,  of historic motorsport and travel. However, it is true to say that the most likely images can often be found on your own doorstep and it is then that I feel most rewarded.


Many of the images on this site can be purchased at Alamy under both pbpgalleries and pbpvision as well as a small selection within the South of England Library at PPL Media. Links can be found on the Contact page but please do contact me directly for any specific requirements.